ITK ecosystem

Together with the core ITK codebase, a number of other projects and frameworks are maintained allowing to leverage the power of ITK beyond its natural boundaries:

  • ITK/VTK Viewer is a web-based image, mesh, and point set viewer.

  • itk-viewer is a multi-dimensional web-based image, mesh, and point set viewer.

  • ITK-Wasm combines ITK and WebAssembly to enable high-performance spatial analysis in a web browser or system-level environments and reproducible execution across programming languages and hardware architectures.

  • itkwidgets is an elegant Python interface for visualization on the web platform to interactively generate insights into multidimensional images, point sets, and geometry.

  • SimpleITK is a simplified programming interface to ITK. It supports interfaces for multiple programming languages including C++, Python, R, Java, C#, Lua, Ruby and TCL.

  • scikit-build is a Python build system for CPython C/C++/Fortran/Cython extensions using CMake.

Legacy tools

Other legacy projects that offered ITK’s power through other interfaces or sets of pipelines were:

  • Praxix was a collection of command line programs for image processing using ITK.

  • ITK One Shot was a collecion of short programs to perform specific operations on images.

  • ITKApps were a variety of applications written with ITK, ranging from simple uses of the toolkit to complex and GUI-based applications.