ITK Dashboard Scripts#

This page documents how to use the ITK dashboard branch in Git. See our CONTRIBUTING guide for more information.

Using the dashboard scripts#

The dashboard branch contains a dashboard client helper script. Use these commands to track it:

mkdir -p ~/Dashboards/ITKScripts
cd ~/Dashboards/ITKScripts
git init
git remote add -t dashboard origin
git pull origin

The itk_common.cmake script contains setup instructions in its top comments.

Update the dashboard branch to get the latest version of this script by simply running

git pull origin

Here is a link to the itk_common.cmake script as it appears today.

Making changes to the dashboard scripts#

If you find bugs in the hooks themselves or would like to add new features, the can be edited in the usual Git manner:

git checkout -b my_topic_branch

Make your edits, test it, and commit the result. Create a patch file with:

git format-patch origin/dashboard

And post the results to the ITK discussion.