ITK External Module Continuous Integration#

The Insight Software Consortium ITKRemoteModuleBuildTestPackageAction project provides reusable GitHub Actions workflows to support ITK module development.

Reusable ITK workflows provide the following features across Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms:

  • Automated C++ build validation

  • Automated C++ testing

    • Unit testing

    • Style enforcement

  • Automated Python build validation

  • Automated Python Jupyter Notebook testing

  • Automated Python packaging and uploads

ITK reusable workflows support most ITK external modules and provide CI boilerplate to minimize the development effort required of collaborators.

Example Usage#

It is easy to add ITK reusable workflow integration to an external module. In a file workflow.yml in the .github/workflows directory of your project, add the following specification:

name: Build, test, package

on: [push,pull_request]

    uses: InsightSoftwareConsortium/ITKRemoteModuleBuildTestPackageAction/.github/workflows/build-test-cxx.yml@v5.3.0
      itk-cmake-options: '-DITK_BUILD_DEFAULT_MODULES:BOOL=OFF -DITKGroup_Core:BOOL=ON'

    uses: InsightSoftwareConsortium/ITKRemoteModuleBuildTestPackageAction/.github/workflows/build-test-package-python.yml@v5.3.0
      test-notebooks: true
      pypi_password: ${{ secrets.pypi_password }}

Further Reading#

For more information visit README documentation at the ITKRemoteModuleBuildTestPackageAction project.